How To Buy Notes & Mortgages


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Build a Lucrative Mortgage Note-Buying Business as a Note Broker or Private Investor:

  • Step by Step Course – Use Kent Anderson’s proven step-by-step home-training course to start your own mortgage note-buying business from scratch!
  • Best Note Buying Secrets - Get the best note-buying secrets in the industry all wrapped up in a clear-cut 3-step system to show you the best way to buy mortgage notes and cash flows… including note broker training.
  • Simple How To Format – This course lays it all out for you: how to control your own financial future… how to maximize your retirement income with real estate IRAs… how to use my tried and true strategies to develop cash flow.


About The Author

home-bio-pic What better way to learn the mortgage note-buying business than from a 20-year in-the-field veteran? I’m Kent Anderson and I was introduced to the note business in July of 1988 by attending a “How To Buy Mortgages” workshop led by Michael Ira Meeker. That started it…

A profit center I could run

Here was a profit center I could run without using my own money, credit, or having to hire other employees – and it could be done on my own schedule from my own home. Fascinated, I was off and running, soaking up every seminar by every reputable instructor for years, even while operating my own successful mortgage note-buying, cash-flow business.

Order Now Kent's Note Buying Course

Note-buying with a difference!

My perspective on discount note-buying was unique, however: I took those profits, placed them into my self-directed retirement account and by this action set up the power of tax-deferred (even tax-free) compounding of those very good yields for years. Everybody always asked me the same thing: where could they learn how to do what I was doing? And that’s why I took my special 3-step system and put it into this comprehensive home study course: How to Buy Notes and Mortgages – Secrets of a Cash-poor Investor!



scottreir“Kent Anderson has put together what may be the best course on buying notes and mortgages I have ever seen . . . not only a peek behind the curtain of a highly lucrative business, but chock full of practical systems and processes. A treasure trove of how-to information. It’s a killer!”

Scott Britton